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Message  Fabrice le Dim 13 Jan - 15:32

Here are links to the v14.0c Installer. --

  • v14.0 Installer (2007 - Oz CD ) (11m)
  • v14.0 Network Installer (Hasp - Requires 2007 subscription) (15mb)
OSX (Universal Binary):

  • AMv14Installer.zip (23.6m)
Fixes since the last release:

  • 0005003: [Relationships/Poses] Crash when adding Action Object to Action Window or to a Chor Action (HomeSlice)
  • 0005007: [Lighting] TWO: Lightlist Not Found on aob light's second and later instances. (Steve)
  • 0005004: [Lip Sync] Crash when adding individual phonemes (Steve)
  • 0005005: [Lighting] TWO: Lightlist Not Found with action objects (martin)
  • 0005002: [Lighting] TWO: Delete lights (sky.mdl or rim) from choreography. (martin)
  • 0004980: [Constraints] Dynamic Constraint Breaks when Object Collisions are ON, or tools, options, actions, dyn. constriants = off. (HomeSlice)
  • 0004988: [Constraints] Dynamic Constraint crash (HomeSlice)

Make sure when you report bugs to A:M Reports, that you pick the v14 project in the upper right.



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