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Message  Fabrice le Sam 26 Juil - 2:31

Here are links to the v15.0d installers

  • Windows Installer (Web Activated Yearly Subscription) (18m)
  • Windows Installer (CD Box version Update) volumename HASH (11m)
  • Mac Installer (Web Activiated Yearly Subscription) (29.7m)
  • Mac Installer (CD Box version Update) volumename HASH (22.1m)
Info on the new Fluids can be found in this thread.
Info on the new SurfaceBaking can be found in this thread.
Info on the new NLE Features can be found in this thread.

Fixes since last release:

  • 0005283: [Plugins] Newtonphysics crashing the app , when the simulation run is stopped with Esc (sgross)
  • 0005281: [_Other] A fix for mirror mode with other commands (DJBREIT)
  • 005241: [Constraints] Please do not set up Offset (Hiromoto Akinori)
  • 005279: [Materials] Materials properties cannot be reset to 'Not Set' (seancwall)
  • 005162: [Interface] [Mac] - Using the MRU list to open a previous project causes a crash (seancwall)
  • 005275: [Modeling] Scaling a group doesn't altered the model (sgross)
  • 0005266: [Particle Systems] 1) Fluid system dont work with Gradient material. 2) No selfcollisions of particles (serg2)
  • 0005257: [Lighting] Export LightMap - Shuts down A:M.... (Fuchur)
  • 0005258: [_Other] Reload last project failed , when start from dock or desktop (sgross)
  • 0005244: [_Other] exception (PaulX)
  • 0005158: [Particle Systems] On Fluid Material do not work Forses (serg2)
  • 0004946: [Particle Systems] blobbies attribute can not be changed to material (johnl3d)
  • 0005245: [_ Not Selected _] eception #10 and error #35 (kmilleraz)
  • 0005130: [Particle Systems] Fluids Cause Exception #035 (frosteternal)
  • 0005238: [Hair] Feature Request...have Hair always default to OFF when app starts (john bigboote)
  • 0004847: [Particle Systems] Request for particles to be turned off when a render finishes and when aborting a render.



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