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v17.0 Public Beta 01

Message  Fabrice le Lun 26 Mar - 21:11

La première version publique vient de sortir, voici un résumé des nouveautés:

Snap to Surface (see more informations here)
This is a new feature, which gives you the abillity to model around other models. This can be used with polygon-models / props and with patch-models.
It is very useful in several ways (these are only the once I can think of right now):

"Import" even complex polygon-models into A:M:
You can import props with many many polygones and remodel them very easily with patches.
For other 3d programs this is called "Retopology", so in other programs remodelling is done with polygones too. So we can call it "Retopology+"

Create cloth for your characters:
You can model for example a t-shirt very easily on top of your character. If you are done, use the PushCP-Plugin to enlarge the t-shirt a little and you are ready to go.

Use it as a modeling-tool
Use primitive objects (spheres, cubes, etc.) to define a basic shape. After that use Resurface to model "around" those primitive objects.
It is a little bit like metaballs done by hand > "Manual MetaBalls".

Animation:Master Answers
A:M Answers is a feature, which will help you to access informations about certain features in a very easy way.
To activate it, right-click on any property in the PWS and choose "Display help informations". A new window will be opened with informations about this property.
Now you can just click on other properties to get the corresponding informations in the help-window. These informations can easily be altered, a link to for example a tutorial or a video can be given and it can be shared with others by using the built-in A:M-Answers Editor.

For newer processors, which are compatible with SSE4, A:Ms rendering will be up to 15% faster.

Create your own "Support"-page
Now A:M lets you create a html-file which will be shown in the community-window. It is editable by the user and you can place any content there you want.
One example for that can be found as an attachment to this post. Copy this file into your A:M installation-folder, (re)start A:M and open your community-window.
What you can do with it? For example: Have a place to store all the most needed tutorials in A:M to be accessable from A:M with only one click or to use it for inspiration or whatever you want.
Share your creations with us here on the forums!

Of course there are many bug-fixes and smaller advantages. (for example: There is now an indication-border if you have the Animate-Mode deactivated, etc.)
Have fun testing these new features! Hopefully you find them as helpful as I do!

See you and happy splining!

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